IW World Volume XXXIII

IW World Volume XXXIII

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  • President’s Address
  • Chairman’s Address


  • The mission of breeders in the current scene

Kennel Presentation



  • The Northstar Irish Wolfhound Club In memory of...... Lloyd Simmons of Lonnkyle Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds
  • Recollections of Lloyd Simmons, by Jocelyne Gagne
  • Memory by Amy Benjamin, Aerie
  • Remembering Lloyd Simmons "Lonnkyle", by Jacqueline Carswell-Carnasserie


  • Attention - Fungal Infection!

  • Growing out wolfhound puppies... how much to feed
  • Occurrence of cardiorespiratory diseases and impact on lifespan in Swedish Irish Wolfhounds: a retrospective questionnaire-based study 


  • My Life with Wolfhounds... Stoney Can.Am.Ch. Starkeeper Commander Greystone

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  • Irish Wolfhound Club of Northern Ireland, Eikon Exhibition Centre, Lisburn (Northern Ireland)

Judge's Report

  • Pompadour Sighthound Specialty September 10, 2022 - Judges comments

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  • Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada - Upper Canada Branch Juvenile Sweeps and Unofficial Classes

  • Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada Upper Canada Irish Wolfhound Club Regional Specialty

FIWC Delegates

  • Mailing List of the FIWC Delegates

Breeders’ Directory

  • Breeders’ List

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