We are offering to place your Advertisments on magazine’s covers. In this case your Ad will also be placed on the main page of the magazine’s website.
  • Advertisement placed in one issue of the magazine will stay on the website for 3 months.
  • Advertisements placed in two issues will stay on the website for 6 months. 
  • Advertisements placed in three issues will stay on the website for 9 months. 
  • Advertisements placed in four issues will stay on the website for 12 months.
Price for the Advertisement for natural persons (breeders, dogs' owners):
  • front inside cover – 145,-EUR
  • back inside cover – 134,-EUR
    Prices Breeder/Kennel Advertisements as followed:
    1. One page:  colour - € 85, Two pages - € 153
    2. 1/2 page: colour € 48
    3. 1/3 page: colour € 30
    4. 1/4 page: colour € 25
      Adding advertisements in two issues is 5% off.
      Adding advertisements in three issues is 10% off.
      Adding advertisements in four issues is 15% off.
      We would also like to offer your Club to send in an ad of a ¼ page (black&white) in order to announce your Club’s IW Specialty  - free of charge.
      For all info regarding ads, please contact us via