The Illustrated Standard of Irish Wolfhound

The Illustrated Standard of Irish Wolfhound

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At the time of publication of this booklet the FCI  breed Standard in force is the one published 02/04/2001. We understand some revisions are being considered but as the planned changes are just in wording, and do not substantially alter the standard, the commentary in this document is pertinent to both the existing and proposed revised versions of the Standard.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the Standart adopted by The Irish Wolfhound Club in 1885 includes the List of Points in Order of Merit. While this list is no longer included in the FCI Standard, its intent is integrated into the body of the work. However, this List should be seriously kept in mind as it is a well-defined reference tool. This is especially true for judges of our breed as this list of points provides a clear outline of the comparative importance of select virtues and faults of any single specimen.

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